We are happy to visit your property and suggest, without any compromise, the possibilities of pruning and cutting of your trees in the short and long term. In this way we can indicate you which technique is appropriate to maintain or improve the health of the tree, its appearance and safety.

The practices of tree pruning include:

  • eliminating branches that rub against each other,
  • eliminating branches that interfere with wires, facades of buildings, roofs, chimneys or windows or those that obstruct streets, entrances or sidewalks,
  • removing dead or weak branches that present a risk of falling,
  •  removing diseased branches or those infected by insects
  • the formation of a better tree structure to improve  the tree´s resistance against wind and reduce the potential danger of being damaged during storms,
  • trimming  of young trees toward maturity,
  • removal of damaged branches by wind or other cause,
  • removal or thinning of branches to increase light penetration to the ground and into the tree,
  • improving the overall appearance of the tree.

Tree removal service:

Although complete elimination  is a last resort, there are circumstances by which  removal is necessary. We can help you decide, if a tree should be removed or if other options are feasible. Removal is recommended when the tree:

  •  is dead or dying,
  •  is considered irreparably hazardous,
  •  is causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning,
  • is leaning over and causing damage or risk to other trees or properties,
  • will be replaced by a more appropriate species, or
  • is located in an area where new construction requires removal