Landscape Maintenance
  • Complete Landscape Maintenance

If you prefer we will create a personalized maintenance program for a complete year. In accordance with the agreements, our professionals will visit you garden on a regularly base and carry out all the maintenance tasks described in the contract and you only have to enjoy the end result.

  • Periodic Landscape Maintenance

Regular maintenance is just a guide. You could do that part of the maintenance to make you happy or gives you pleasure, such as mowing the lawn or pruning plants, while the El Holandés Landscaping handles other landscaping  tasks. In reality, this means that our maintenance team visits your garden around every 8 weeks. During our visit we refine or adjust the maintenance level of your garden, which can sometimes mean more or less work.

  • Annual Landscape Maintenance

The annual maintenance is an option for garden owners who enjoy the basic care of a garden and require the assistance of a professional only two or three times a year. For example, pruning trees and shrubs is a specialized task for which many homeowners consult us. It’s always good to have a professional to visit your garden a couple of times a year and help you keep fit.

  • Landscape Clean out only

One-time cleanings of gardens can be done anytime of the year. These tasks may include services such as mowing, weeding, cutting with a bush trimmer, blowing leaves, application of fertilizers, pruning, hauling debris out of your property and more …We take care of everything! You can customize the cleaning service according to the specific needs of your landscape.