landscape design in Costa Rica

Show landscape design, construct and maintenance sercives in costa rica by el holandes landscaping

Landscape Design

A good landscape design not only makes your business or your home look more  beautiful, but is also a great extra value that improves your image, attracts customers to your business and makes you feel more proud of your home and finally is an improvement to the quality of your community. Our landscape designer will show you our portfolio of landscape designs and reference material to discuss with you the possible solutions for your property in Costa Rica based on your concept of the ideal garden. In this...

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Landscape Installation

Our team specializes in building and renovating gardens and landscapes. We offer different types of landscaping services in Costa Rica related to landscape installation. Not only we handle all plant material, better said: we are a green contracting company, whether it is water, concrete, stone, light,  soil or plant material. We handle it all. From cleaning out the site, the first soil movements, fine grading, installation of constructional works, all to the installation of plant material and sod. We will ensure...

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Indoor Gardens

Let us take care of the design and installation of your indoor garden, to revitalize it or completely design the space to make it unique and personal. Appropriate advice makes the difference and ensures you that your investment has the expected success. Let’s talk about ideas, textures and colors!       Click on an image to view the foto gallery Diseño de jardin inteno: conceptual, plantaciones y resultado...

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Landscape Maintenance

Complete Landscape Maintenance If you prefer we will create a personalized maintenance program for a complete year. In accordance with the agreements, our professionals will visit you garden on a regularly base and carry out all the maintenance tasks described in the contract and you only have to enjoy the end result. Periodic Landscape Maintenance Regular maintenance is just a guide. You could do that part of the maintenance to make you happy or gives you pleasure, such as mowing the lawn or pruning plants,...

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Lawn Instalation

Page under construction.   Please return soon.

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Tree Service

We are happy to visit your property and suggest, without any compromise, the possibilities of pruning and cutting of your trees in the short and long term. In this way we can indicate you which technique is appropriate to maintain or improve the health of the tree, its appearance and safety. The practices of tree pruning include: eliminating branches that rub against each other, eliminating branches that interfere with wires, facades of buildings, roofs, chimneys or windows or those that obstruct streets,...

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